Welcome to the Dharma Overground Welcome to the Dharma Overground

The Dharma Overground is a resource for the support of hardcore meditation practice. It is a place where everything related to the support of practice may flourish, including where to go on retreats, what techniques may lead to what, an in depth look at the maps of possible states and stages, discussions about how to determine what experience was what, and in general anything that has to do with actually practicing rather than what typically occurs in standard meditation circles. Here you will find a robust and variable community of people with a wide range of experience levels, perspectives and interests, though all loosely bound by the same basic principles of empowering, helpful, engaged dharma and exploration of the possibilities of the mind.

In general our basic principles and attitudes favor:

  • pragmatism over dogmatism: what works is key, with works generally meaning the stages of insight, the stages of enlightenment, jhanas, freedom from suffering in what ways are possible, etc.
  • diligent practice over blind faith: this place is about doing it and understanding for yourself rather than believing someone else and not testing those beliefs out
  • openness regarding what the techniques may lead to and how these contrast or align with the traditional models
  • personal responsibility: you take responsibility for the choices you make and what you say and claim
  • a lack of taboos surrounding talking about attainments
  • the assumption that the various aspects of meditative development can be mastered in this life
  • the spirit of mutual, supportive adventurers on the path rather than rigid student-teacher relationships
  • and the notion that the collective wisdom of a group of strong practitioners at various stages and from various traditions and backgrounds is often better than following one guru-type.

There are lots of ways up the mountain, and many interesting skills and insights to develop using many traditions and paths. Make yourself at home. Discover the possibilities of how straightforward, down-to-Earth, and practical the Dharma can be. May all find something here that is of value and contribute to the wisdom represented and conveyed here.

Note well: the culture of open disclosure of practice is rare and requires vigilence to maintain. You are welcome to participate here so long as you help maintain that space in which deep practice can be discussed. If you require a space to discuss deep topics that is more private, the Dharma Underground still exists for this purpose: ask an administrator to join.

Finding your way around this site

In the Discussion area you'll find a robust and active community of members discussing both the theory and practice of meditation with the most recent posts here. You need only sign up for a free account to participate there. If possible, use your real name as your name unless you really need to not be discovered posting on a place like this by someone for whatever reason. This makes things more real-world, which is what this place is about. For those who must remain cloaked behind a pseudonym, this is better than nothing and acceptable.

For information on the basics of how this new site works and many other things, click the FAQ's tab above.

In the Dharma Wiki section you'll find an exposition of the various foundational principles, concepts, teachings, techniques, & maps that are often referenced here on the Dharma Overground.  You can read the most Most Recent Wiki Updates. This is an amazing resource for new and seasoned practitioners alike.  Finally, if you still don't know what the Dharma Overground is about check out the Frequently Asked Questions

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