The Simple Model

The Simple Model is a modified version of the Four Path Model.

It breaks things down into the following stages:

  • Those who have not yet attained to the first stage of awakening.
  • Those who have attained to the first stage of awakening, stream entry, or whatever you want to call it.
  • Those in the middle territory beyond stream entry who have progressed deeper into new territory. This correlates with the territory around second path.
  • Those in the later middle territory who are beginning to understand in real-time what is meant by concepts such as luminosity, emptiness, centerlessness, and the like. This correlates with the territory of the early anagami or early third path.
  • Those who experience luminosity the vast majority of the time, but haven't finished up the path of insight. This correlates with late third path.
  • Those who have experienced the righting of perspective that dissolves completely the sense of a special centerpoint, doer, Watcher, Subject, also called untying the knot of perception, the opening of the Wisdom Eye, and related terms. This correlates with early arahatship or fourth path.
  • Those who have had the above understanding lock in and remain their baseline way of perceiving reality. This correlates with mature arahatship or fourth path.

The advantage of the simple model is that it doesn't tempt people to count the cycles of insight and try to correlate these with the number of paths they have attained, but instead puts the emphasis on what they are actually able to perceive at baseline and thus is a more practical, applied, and functional model with more real-world relevance in some ways.

Maybe the correlations should be on a "mapping of maps" page so as to effect the simple model's intended benefit of not encouraging counting.