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colour kasina

colour kasina
9/21/11 7:42 AM
Thinking to follow MCTB advice to attain at least first jhana, I made myself a kasina for my concentration object.

The problem is, after gazing for more than a few seconds the disc begins to break up into fine vibrations and becomes less clear. I often have this experience even when not meditating.

Is there anyway out - or do I just accept kasinas are not suitable and go back to the breath?

with metta

RE: colour kasina
9/21/11 7:45 AM as a reply to Hazel Kathleen Strange.
Hi Hazel,

I had the same problem. I decided to add extra things for the mind to direct to and sustain thought on as I watched the kasina. The instructions are for a candle flame but they can be applied to a round kasina object.


RE: colour kasina
9/21/11 8:10 AM as a reply to Nikolai ..
Hi Nick,
Thanks for reply.

I did read your reference previously and found it very helpful.

I did try with the candle flame and when I close my eyes there is a very sharp and distinct after image which lasts quite some time - it has a bright yellow centre surrounded by thin red border and a less distinct purplish surround. It is extremely small, however - maybe 1/2 cm and is not round - more like a tiny church window. Even though the candle flame often has a blurry halo - my eyes are not great! - the after image is very sharp.

I tried the colour kasina as an alternative as I am going on retreat to Gaia House at the end of October and I'm not sure if the ubiquitous Health and Safety Law will rule out having a candle. The after image from the disc is much less distinct and lasts maybe a tenth of the time compared to the candle image, despite longer gazing time.

I wondered if it would be profitable to allow the after image of the disc to fade and then concentrate on calling up the actual image in the mind's eye and to try to stabilize that?

I am allowing a couple of weeks experimenting, before settling on one technique to stick with.

many thanks for help